Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Darin's On The Path Towards Becoming An Upledger Instructor!

Get excited -- we've got some BIG news to share!

At Infinite Touch Integrative Therapies, we are honored to get to share the powerful benefits of CranioSacral Therapy with our clients. Our passion for the therapy goes far beyond our local community. Our CranioSacral Therapist, Darin Puppel, also travels around the country to participate in comprehensive therapy programs and also volunteers his time as a teaching assistant for classes hosted by The Upledger Institute.

This month, we learned that he will get to continue that relationship not simply as an assistant...

Darin has been selected to begin training
to become an instructor for The Upledger Institute!

Teaching CranioSacral Therapy is Darin’s dream job, and we can’t WAIT for him to get started!

The Instructor Apprenticeship Program

The Upledger Institute is committed to providing superior CranioSacral Therapy courses to people all over the globe. As such, upcoming instructors must undergo a thorough training process before being allowed to teach courses independently.

Before he can officially begin the apprenticeship program, Darin must first serve as a teaching assistant for two more courses (one in April and one in June). After that, he will begin serving as a "guest lecturer" at the courses he attends so that he may practice lecturing while under supervision. The apprenticeship program will continue until the Upledger Institute feels that he is fully equipped and ready to teach courses on his own.

Darin's Journey with CranioSacral Therapy

Darin first discovered CranioSacral Therapy while in massage school back in 2010. After receiving a deeply powerful and impactful first session, he threw himself into studying the therapy so that he could offer the treatment to his own clients. He began working his way through the CranioSacral Therapy curriculum in the form of continuing education classes offered by The Upledger Institute. The more he learned about the therapy, the more his passion for it grew.

Upon completing his first Advanced CranioSacral Therapy class in January of 2014, he began looking for ways to give back to The Upledger Institute and help share the therapy with more people. He began volunteering as a teaching assistant for courses he had already completed, and quickly fell in love with helping new students hone the techniques.

For the past several years, Darin has been working towards the goal of teaching for The Upledger Institute. The fact that his application has been accepted and that he can begin actively pursuing that path is literally a dream come true. We are SO excited, humbled, and honored for Darin to have the opportunity to give back to the institute that shares the wealth of CranioSacral Therapy with the world.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

Fortunately, Darin's apprenticeship (and eventual role as an instructor) does not replace his role as a CranioSacral Therapist at the Lake of the Ozarks. He will travel more frequently to attend classes, but for now these travels will be limited to one 4-day course approximately every two months. This means that he will have plenty of time to continue offering individual therapy sessions at Infinite Touch Integrative Therapies.

He may travel more often once he is officially an instructor, but offering CranioSacral Therapy in central Missouri will remain a primary focus. We hope to continue expanding our local practice to eventually host Comprehensive Therapy Programs and CranioSacral Therapy courses right here at the Lake of the Ozarks. 

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- Post by Bailey Puppel, Owner

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