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New Pregnancy Care Plans at Infinite Touch!

Learn about our new treatment packages specifically tailored to pregnancy and postpartum. 

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your tenth, you'll only birth this baby once. At Infinite Touch Integrative Therapies, LLC, we honor the body's innate wisdom and aim to support its natural process as it prepares for (and recovers from) the miracle of birth.

Supporting Pregnant Mothers -- More Than A "Job"

When I had my first baby in the summer of 2016, my world changed in more ways than one. In addition to the normal major life adjustments of bringing a new baby into the world, I also uncovered a deep passion within me: supporting other mothers on their journeys though pregnancy and birth. Having been blessed to receive a great deal of invaluable support during my first pregnancy (and again during my second), I feel compelled to pay it forward and do my part to continue supporting the other pregnant mothers whose paths I cross. 

I have been offering pregnancy and birth support in varying capacities for several years now, on a primarily unofficial/volunteer basis. I have served as a doula for many of my good friends, and I have been helping facilitate village prenatals once per season for the past two years. I am thrilled to be able to incorporate pregnancy and birth support into my professional practice now, as well!

New Pregnancy Care Plans at Infinite Touch

I have designed an overall pregnancy and postpartum treatment plan that is intended to support pregnant mothers beginning in the first trimester and concluding around 6 weeks postpartum. However, in order to make it more accessible to more people, mothers have the option of starting the plan in their second or in their third trimester as well.

Pregnancy Care Plan: What's Included
  • First Trimester ~ 2 CranioSacral Therapy sessions
  • Second Trimester ~ 3 sessions
  • Third Trimester ~ 6 sessions
  • Postpartum ~ 2 sessions for Mama and 1 session for Baby. Baby's session and Mama's first session will be in their own home.
As a mother who chooses to participate in my pregnancy care plan, you will also have access to me seven days per week via text, as an added confidential resource for your pregnancy and upcoming birth. I will be available to help build your birth plan, discuss the pros/cons of the options you have available to you, and serve as a sounding board as you navigate whatever situations may arise for your during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Plan: The Numbers

Total cost when starting in the first trimester: $1,215
- Monthly payment plan distributed over 9 months: $135
- Payments distributed per trimester: $405

Total cost when starting in the second trimester: $990
- Monthly payment plan distributed over 6 months: $165
- Payments distributed per trimester: $495

Total cost when starting in the third trimester: $765
- Monthly payment plan distributed over 3 months: $255

Mama's sessions will be 1 hour apiece, and baby's session will be 30 minutes. If the father/partner would also like to receive bodywork while the mother is a part of our pregnancy care plan, they can have access to sessions at our discounted package price of $80/hour.

Alternatively, pregnant mothers can always participate in our standard pricing of $320 for 4 hours or individual hours for $95. However, these price points do not include the in-home session or the ongoing support via text.

What Is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a very gentle, light-touch manual therapy that is geared towards enhancing the body's total functioning. By tuning into subtle rhythms in the body and using these rhythms to identify points of restriction, we can assist in freeing these tensions so that innate vitality can be restored. To learn more about what CranioSacral Therapy is, please view our earlier blog post: Understanding CranioSacral Therapy.

Benefits Of CranioSacral Therapy During Pregnancy & Postpartum

There are many distinct benefits of receiving CranioSacral Therapy during pregnancy and postpartum. In addition to helping the body accommodate the physical changes of an ever-growing baby and uterus, getting regular CST treatments during pregnancy often leads to easier labors, swifter postpartum recoveries, and improved satisfaction with the mother's overall labor and birth experience. I discuss the many reasons to receive CranioSacral Therapy during pregnancy more in-depth in my blog post titled CranioSacral Therapy for Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum.

Wishing You The Best On Your Journey Through Pregnancy!

Every pregnancy is special, unique, and important, and expecting mothers deserve all the support they can get while they grow our future generations. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I would be honored to support you during this powerful, transformative time in your life!
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- Post by Bailey Puppel, LMT (Owner & Therapist)

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